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We help pet and socially-minded businesses get the marketing results you need, so you can focus on what matters most – changing the world.


We just debuted new research at AAHA’s conference on what pet owners want from their vet practices.

'cause challenges create powerful change


We work with businesses to understand the opportunity before you, let go of what you don’t need and move forward with greater digital impact.

In the News:

Are your PPC strategies falling flat? Our founder recently shared the top 5 PPC don’ts with INC.com

'cause our focus is you

You didn’t get into business to be the best digital marketers. You wanted to make a change. We get it, and you. ’cause helping you is our passion and purpose.


Our founder teamed up with our sister brand, Working with Dog, to give a 1/2 day marketing bootcamp.

'cause your business is unique

Our team specializes in building marketing systems that work, scale and sustain for organizations who are out for more than just profit – and are driven by passion.

'cause you need to make a change

Tell us about your mission, brand and marketing challenges and find out how we can shape a better future together.

Shaping a better future together, whether you have two legs, or four

Our team’s projects include helping some of the biggest and most established brands make real changes all the way to start-ups, academics and influencers who are making waves:

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With over 16 years in the pet industry and running consumer marketing strategy for companies like Petfinder.com, Pet Health Network,  and IDEXX, our President, Jane Harrell, is both enthusiastic about the audiences you’re trying to reach and has spent her career earning their trust. Now let us earn yours:

Want to know what pet parents are talking about?

We sniff the interwebs for the hottest pet and cause-related topics every day.

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