This Month’s AAHA Trends Magazine: Communicating About Dermatology With Clients

by | Aug 2, 2017 | digital marketing, Veterinary Practice Marketing

As summer winds down and fall approaches, now is a great time to create your fall educational plan for practice clients. However, between Halloween candy and back-to-school anxiety, many experienced pet owners are already familiar with the drill. Yes, these are great topics to send reminders about, but pretty quickly they can feel repetitive and irrelevant to those seasoned pet owners who get the same October newsletter from your practice every year.

This month I had the pleasure and privilege to do a piece for the American Animal Hospital Association’s Trends Magazine about how to add an educational subject to your fall communications plan that will likely take more pet owners by surprise – adding value to your clients and promoting specific non-emergency services within your practice: seasonal dermatology.

We’ll be including a complementary copy of the article here soon, but in the meantime, here’s a quick rundown of what we found when we asked 200+ of your best clients what they wanted to know about this subject:

  • 94% of pet owners believe practices should proactively warn them about threats to their pet’s health.
  • 78% indicated that they’d like to receive education about seasonal skin issues relevant to their pet between appointments.
  • The majority of pet owners do feel they’re being educated about this subject. However, the same survey found that 38% of pet owners either aren’t getting this kind of education at all, or only when they’re in the practice.

Surveyed pet owners were asked how they preferred to receive education about seasonal skin problems and many indicated that they’d expect to receive it in a myriad of ways, including:

  • In-person
  • Email newsletters (41%)
  • Targeted email alerts to the pet owners impacted (34%)
  • Postcards or mailed letters (24%)
  • Online health portal (17%)
  • Text message (14%)
  • Calls or voicemail (6%)

(Survey: 206 US-based pet owners who visit the veterinarian at-least annually and are the primary caretaker.)

Want to learn more and find out how your practice’s editorial calendar stands up? Simply contact us and we’ll take a complementary look at your editorial plan for Q4 and let you know.

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